Visit To Bristol: September 2017

I recently had a much overdue visit to Bristol, a city which is stealing my heart more each time I venture there. Although it only lasted two days, I made sure that they were full to the brim. I am already making plans to return again.

One of the absolute highlights was getting to hang out with my old friend Maisie . We caught up in a cafe and then wandered about as we always do, taking a meandering route through central Bristol.

Here is a series of photos from along the way.

DSC_7743  DSC_7745


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December in Black and White

The title is not exactly true. This series was shot all through November, December and January. I worked in black and white because I think that, whereas a colour photograph is often real and immersive, a monochrome frame brings out a distinct otherness. It’s still real, but it is more honest that it is a representation of the real. You can be drawn in, but never get too close, as though a sheen has been drawn across reality.  December represents the end of the year, but also the end of a lot of other things that are important to me. I see it as perfect that I decided long before, unaware, to use this format. December was some kind of full stop, or maybe an ellipsis.

St Nicholas Market, Bristol (F) Ilford XP2
Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford XP2


Climbing stairs, with Joseph – Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford HP5+
Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford XP2
Terrace Walk, Bath (F) Ilford HP5+
Cocoa and magazines – Cafe W, Bath (F) Ilford XP2
Kingsmead Square, Bath (F) Ilford XP2