Scotland: Isle of Skye & Raasay

For six weeks from October to November this year, I stayed on the incredible Isles of Skye and Raasay off the West Coast of Scotland. I would make Raasay House my base, where I would work alongside my dear friend Poppy.

With a group of happy and kind people in tow, I explored the wild open spaces of the Scottish western isles with an adventurous and intrepid spirit. I recall one late afternoon we were on a beach with an ancient castle ruin towering over us, and someone among us said swim, and we all did in spite of the icy ocean water. What a laugh it was! Some of us made it as far as Edinburgh and Glasgow, where we were fortunate to see a fantastic Scottish folk music performance in a bar and wander the stone clad streets.

From the moment I drove past Loch Lomond and through the mountains of Glencoe, I knew this would be a magical place to explore. Then twisting and turning along the most scenic, open roads and over a huge bridge I arrived on Skye, which is out of this world!

These are the photos I have chosen to capture my time on the islands. Having considered the natural landscapes and environment, I decided to go a little experimental and shoot on Fuji Velvia 35mm, for rich and colourful tones. A few images were captured on my phone.

Keep an eye on my Instagram Story! Over the next few days I will be showing a select few more memories from Scotland.

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(F) Fuji Velvia

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(F) Fuji Velvia

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(F) Fuji Velvia

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

(F) Fuji Velvia

An Excursion in Girona

I recently had the chance to spend four days in the ancient city of Girona. Nestled in the Northern region of Catalonia about an hour away from Barcelona, Girona represents an alternative to the rapid and modernised face of Spain.

The stunning 9th century AD walled fortification illustrates an independent lineage which runs through the people and the place, something which is alive today in the latest political fractures like the Catalan independence movement. The air is filled with a quietened revolutionary tension, as almost all of the beautiful facades in the old town brandish yellow ribbons and flags in solidarity with the Catalan people.

Despite this backdrop, I am keen to impress on anyone just how welcome I felt during our visit. We were four good friends who met together from afar. Madison, no stranger to this blog, had flown in from the States. Laura had journeyed from Switzerland and Celia had come from England. Celia sadly had to leave on my first day. As we stumbled along through broken Spanish in our interactions, we were greeted by nothing but patience and kindness.

We spent our days laughing, drinking far too much wine, eating some of the greatest pastries on planet earth and admiring the creativity on display around the city in the world renowned Girona Flower Festival.

In all, it was a joyous first experience of a country that I can see myself visiting again and again. Gracias España!




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All photos were shot on Kodak Ektar 100 35mm.



At the Beach with Hope

Winter this year has been a dreary affair, having not found much time to play or explore. Working a regular job for a while has led me to appreciate the times when you are free to go wherever you want.

There have been one or two adventures, and certainly the best of them was when my lovely companion Hope and me went out to a place called Birling Gap.

We started the day by visiting a favourite spot in Brighton for coffee and a nibble to eat. Following a nose around in a couple of shops, we departed. Winding our way along the grassy Sussex coastline we came to Birling Gap, where we climbed down and spent time on the beach. There were white cliffs towering over us, as a warm midwinter sun set on the horizon, tinting everything orange.

It was the best day out, as we laughed and played music. Made all the better by the company.

Here are some photos from Hope and myself that day.



End of Term in the Fields 

As our respective terms at university reach completion, a close group of friends and I celebrated by having a picnic in the fields.

All of us lived together in our first year in hall’s, and this place in a field was our secret gathering spot then, so it seemed fitting to come here once more. We were blessed with such a sunny, clear afternoon. Laughing with Nat, Phyl, Axl and Madi (who you may remember from a previous blog post) was such a pleasure. We had a blast telling stories, filling in the gaps since we were last together.

We brought Axl’s head dressed Penguin along too, which is… a long story. You should really ask Axl about that!



A Day in Bristol

I have been going to Bristol infrequently for some time now, and every time I do it is a different experience. There are so many areas, and hidden places to find. Without fail, it is an exciting place to be. My good friend Aimee and I wanted to take a day to dreamily delve into this varied city.

City Hall, Bristol (F) Fuji Superia
We made a brief stop in Arch House Deli for something to eat. (F) Fuji Superia
Browsing through some of the kooky little shops in The Clifton Arcade. (F) Fuji Superia
…. okay, so maybe a bit more than just browsing in Papersmiths. (F) Fuji Provia
We summoned some gusto, to head up and over the suspension bridge. (F) Fuji Superia
We finally laid back on the sofa in ANNA Cake Couture. (F) Fuji Superia
Over what you might call a cup of fancy tea, we savoured the last moments of the afternoon. (F) Fuji Superia


December in Black and White

The title is not exactly true. This series was shot all through November, December and January. I worked in black and white because I think that, whereas a colour photograph is often real and immersive, a monochrome frame brings out a distinct otherness. It’s still real, but it is more honest that it is a representation of the real. You can be drawn in, but never get too close, as though a sheen has been drawn across reality.  December represents the end of the year, but also the end of a lot of other things that are important to me. I see it as perfect that I decided long before, unaware, to use this format. December was some kind of full stop, or maybe an ellipsis.

St Nicholas Market, Bristol (F) Ilford XP2
Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford XP2


Climbing stairs, with Joseph – Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford HP5+
Bath Spa University, Newton Park (F) Ilford XP2
Terrace Walk, Bath (F) Ilford HP5+
Cocoa and magazines – Cafe W, Bath (F) Ilford XP2
Kingsmead Square, Bath (F) Ilford XP2


This little boutique magazine vendor first opened up its doors in August 2015, and I’ve been enchanted ever since. Magalleria have followed a minimal model; create a beautifully clean, welcoming space and stock only the highest quality and most aesthetically fascinating print products. After stumbling upon a shop called Magazine Brighton, it stuck out that the city of Bath really deserved a similar space, and happily Magalleria’s chief owner Daniel felt the same. Since the project started, it has been steadily stocking up on a list of publications from around the globe, which include the locally produced magazines Cereal and Another Escape. Tucked away on Broad Street, you might easily walk past without noticing that it’s there. If you do get the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to nip in and say hello (and if your anything like I am, impulsively buy a title).


(F) Fuji Provia
(F) Fuji Superia 
(F) Fuji Provia
The magazines are all neatly displayed in corresponding sections. (F) Fuji Superia 
(F) Fuji Provia
(F) Fuji Superia 


(F) Fuji Provia
(F) Fuji Superia 
A fraction of the titles on offer. (F) Fuji Provia
(F) Fuji Superia 
(F) Fuji Provia
(F) Fuji Superia 
Magalleria's owner, Daniel. (F) Fuji Provia
Owner Daniel. (F) Fuji Superia